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Harvest + Slack

Make time tracking part of your team’s conversation

Requires a Harvest account. Start your free trial

In Slack, conversations can happen fast, and priorities can shift in real-time. That makes it important for time tracking to keep up. With this integration you can start a timer without leaving Slack, making it quick and easy to track your time. It also gives you ready access to information about your projects and team right in Slack.integration-slack (1)

Track time in Slack

Start and stop timers or enter hours when you’re done working with a simple slash command.

/harvest start [notes]  
/harvest stop
harvest log [hours] [notes]

integration-slack-2 (1)

Empower deep work

See what someone is working on before you ping them so you don’t interrupt their flow.

/harvest status [@username] 


Keep budgets on track

See how much time you’ve tracked to a project and how much budget is remaining.
You can even share the report with the rest of the Slack channel.

/harvest budget